Glasgow United Krav Maga

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10 Possil Rd,
G4 9SY.

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7787 415299

About the company

Hey there, helping people gain confidence and feel safe has always been a calling for me. That’s why I founded Glasgow United Krav Maga – to provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals to learn self-defence and improve their physical and mental wellbeing. I’ve been a Krav Maga Instructor since 2011, but my passion for combat sports and self-defence started much earlier. I became a successful practitioner in 2007 and was later granted my qualification by the upper echelon of the International Krav Maga Federation, including Avi Moyal, Haim Sasson and Tamir Gilad. Since then, I’ve continued to hone my skills as a coach under the watchful eye of Eyal Yanilov and his team of Krav Maga Global Experts. As the founder of Glasgow United Krav Maga, I’m proud to represent the United Krav Maga World Organisation and hold the rank of Expert level 2 (black belt 2nd Dan) granted by Master Tomasz Adamczyk. I’ve also dedicated myself to studying different combat sport disciplines, both striking and grappling, to gain as much technical knowledge as possible. That’s why I joined one of the most respected martial arts gyms in Scotland, The Griphouse, where I continue to develop my skills. My passion for combat sports has taken me around the world, training with the best combat instructors and gaining qualifications in military combat, civilian and military knife fighting. But my true passion lies in helping others gain the confidence and skills to protect themselves and their loved ones. At Glasgow United Krav Maga, we’re all about empowering people and creating a supportive community.

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