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Custom URL Shortener

You have probably seen various websites that allow you to create short URL's. In general they work by asking you for a long web address, they they supply you with a short web address. The short URL when clicked takes the user to the exact same location as the longer URL, but it is a lot more share friendly for social media, email or sometimes even your website.

These services are great, but what about branding? If you use a service such as Bitly, Slink or Tinyurl, your company has no mention at all within the URL. What we offer is the benefits and simplicity of a conventional URL shortener, but with some degree of branding.

As an example at UK Locate we use short URL's for posting content to Twitter and Facebook. We base all our short links on the web address ukl.me.uk

This allows us to retain some level of branding through our short links. (UKL = UK Locate)

How does it work

If anyone visits ukl.me.uk they will simply be presented with a one page website explaining what the site is used for. The owner of the site can however login and create short links based on any URL he/she provides.

The shortened URL can then be shared across social media pages and through email. We also provide very basic statistics so you can tell how many people have clicked on your short URL.

How much does it cost.

We provide this service for a set yearly fee of £40 + the cost of registering a domain name.

The reason we cannot provide an exact cost is because different domain name extensions are priced differently. During the process we will endeavor to find a short domain that could be brandable with your company. We will then provide you with a full Quote prior to going ahead with the setup.

It may be the case that we are able to locate several domain names that are suitable. In this case we will provide a full costing based on each domain option. You can then decide what domain name you would like to use.

How to order

To get a free no obligation quote to have a short link service setup please fill out our quote request form. Once received someone will be in contact with you as soon as we have been able to gather a quote.

The button below will take you to our "quote request form". You can also get there via our short link...

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