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Enhanced Listings

We offer enhanced listings to all companies, businesses or organizations who have a listing with us. An enhanced listing allows you to add additional details and features to your companies listing.

Upload Images

Make your listing stand out by adding images. These could be photographs of your business location, a logo or other pieces of promotional material. Your main image will also be displayed next to your company name within UK Locate search results.

Images can be a powerful tool when it comes to being noticed.

Links to your social media pages

Social media plays a very important part in modern on-line marketing. Getting users to engage with you via social networking sites can be a key method of converting them from users, into customers. If users are able to find you on social media they may be more willing to interact with you because you are using a platform they are familiar and comfortable with.

With an enhanced listing you can provide links to your companies Facebook page, Twitter profile and Google+ page.

Call to action links

Call to action links are links from your listing that prompt a user to carry out a specific action. You can choose the text used for the link, and you decide where the link takes the user to. Here are some examples that you may with to use as calls to action...

The call to action link is effectively a deep link to a specific area on your website where you have control over the link text.

Ranking Boost

Companies who take advantage of our enhanced listings will also rank higher within UK Locate search results. Higher rankings along with an image being displayed will make your result a lot more enticing to click!


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