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Retaining brand consistency online

As more and more companies gain an online presence it has never been more important to ensure you remain focused on preserving your existing branding as well as look and feel. I have seen instances where a company has deployed a website only to have it designed in a very different style compared to the existing company. Branding is important. It provides a level of consistency that users need in order to feel safe and secure when using your online platforms.

This is not just limited to company websites. It includes any web involvement such as social media and mobile apps.

If your company has an existing look such as logo and commonly used colour scheme, stick to this. By thinking of your website as an extension of your already established business it is easier to ensure a smooth flow from real world to online world. Do not simple use any old logo or graphic online, stick to branding aspects that your customers have come to know and to an extent expect.

If you are going to use images online try and take your own photographs. If you can, demonstrate that the website the user is on is directly related to the real world company that they are already aware of. By doing this your users will instantly have a lot more trust for the website.

Another key method of reassuring users that the web property they are on is connected to your business is to have a contact page containing the full postal address of your company. This leaves the user with no doubt that they are indeed on the right website.

Colour schemes also have a bearing on brand recognition. If you have a common set of colours that are used across your business (vehicles, store fronts etc) stick with this scheme as much as possible. It makes thinks appear a lot more familiar and to an extent trustworthy.

It can be a major mistake to think of your company website as just the website. If you design it without taking any of your companies existing branding features into account you will leave your end user lacking in trust and wondering if the website they are on is really connected to your business. Ensuring your online properties follow the example set by your bricks and mortar presence will make your site more trustworthy, be more likely to generate leads and become a solid part of your business moving towards the future.

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