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UK Locate is a UK business directory. Because of this we will only list companies that are either based in the UK, or have a business presence within the UK. We will not list any company or business that does not have a bricks and mortar presence within the UK.

UK Locate is not a web directory, we are a business directory. There are some differences between a web directory and a business directory that we would like to point out.

A business directory allows users to find a company. They can then visit the company or give them a call. A web directory simply allows users to search for websites of interest to them. If you own a website that is not an extension of a real world business do not suggest it for inclusion, we will not accept suggestions for on-line only businesses. We want to provide our users with an address and a contact telephone number. We will however add a link to your company website if you have one.

Always use your company name. Often, when reviewing a suggestion we will find that the company name is either incorrect or contains additional promotional terms. The following examples will provide some guidelines for using your company name correctly...

  1. Seethru Windows LTD
  2. Seethru Windows
  3. Seethru Windows LTD - Manchester
  4. Seethru Windows LTD Low cost windows
  5. Low Cost Windows Manchester

In the Above examples only NO 1 and NO 2 are correct. They contains only the company name. All of the other variations fall out-with UK Locate's terms of inclusion.

NO 1 is the company name in full NO 2 is the name that people are likely to use when referring to the company.

No3 contains the place name. This is not required because we will ask you for this information separately within the add business form.

No4 contains promotional text. This is something that is commonly refereed to as anchor text spam and is used by marketers to gain favorable text within the link. It is much better for our end user to see the correct company name.

No5 is also wrong because it does not even contain the company name. It only contains promotional text.

We will not approve any listing that does not provide the correct company name.

You must provide an address for any listing before it will be considered for inclusion, this is because we provide address details within our results to allow searchers to visit your company. The only exception to this is home based small businesses where providing your home address is simply not practical. In this case you may choose to add your address as "Private Address".

UK Locate retains full editorial control over our business directory and we may edit, correct, amend or remove any listing, at any time.

By adding a listing to UK Locate you are providing us with permission to contact you via email, if you choose you would rather not receive occasional emails from us you can un-subscribe by following the link at the bottom of any email we send you.

If you are happy with our inclusion terms you may now proceed to add your company.

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