UK Locate terms and conditions

The following document declares our service terms and conditions as of 2nd January 2023. These terms and conditions, hereafter referred to as terms are liable to change at any time with no notice to anyone.

By accessing and/or using any of the UK Locate services refereed to from this point as the service you have accepted and will adhere to the terms.

UK Locate is an on line service that allows users to search for and locate companies, businesses or service providers from all areas of the UK.

We provide a directory of UK businesses, that you can search for using our search interface. UK Locate does not have any affiliation with the companies or businesses listed within our directory. We do not and will not vouch for the quality of any third party company or organization you find using our service. We will not accept any responsibility for any content that resides on a third party website that we provide a link to.

We make every effort to ensure our listings are as accurate as possible and up to date. We accept there may be errors within our listings but we accept no liability for any errors you may encounter.

We store personal details of users who register as members. We take all reasonable steps to ensure your details remain confidential. We do not and will not sell or make available all or any of your personal information.

There are certain circumstances where we may be legally bound to provide information about you, your account or your usage of the service. These details will only ever be released in accordance with the law and only to law enforcement officials.

Any content posted on our website by a registered or unregistered user remains the intellectual property of the person who provided the content. You provide us with a soft license to display such user provided content on our website. This includes but is not limited to ratings, reviews and business details. You accept that you are personalty responsible for any content you post on our website.

We reserve editorial control over all content placed on our website and may remove any content at any time with no notice to anyone.

Ratings and reviews placed on our website do not reflect the opinions of UK Locate.

UK Locate respects the Digital Millennial Copyright Act (DMCA) if you believe there is content on our website that breaches your intellectual property rights you should, in the first instance contact us, and provide details. We will then, if required, take actions within the law to resolve the issue.

We also reserve the right to pursue persons or entities to the highest extent permuted by law who use our intellectual property without prior consent and/or permission. You may not copy, re-use or re-post any of our content without prior written consent.

You may link to any content on our website with no permission required. You may not hot link directly to any images or other types of media.

We add businesses to our directory regularly. We do so to increase the quality of our database. If you do not wish your business to be listed we will remove the business listing. We may require proof that you are related to the business before we remove it.

If you list your business you do so knowing that we make absolutely no promise of business or lead generation. You also agree not to hold UK Locate LTD responsible for any ill effects that occur either directly, or indirectly as a result of your listing on UK Locate.

UK Locate will not be held responsible for any ill effects that occur as a direct or indirect result of using any of our services. We provide our service on an as-is basis

If you have any questions regarding our terms or need clarification regarding any aspect please contact us.