UK Locate privacy policy


At UK Locate we accept and respect that you have a right to privacy. Within this page we will explain how the use of our service effects your privacy. We will explain what information we collect and how we use it.

Not logged in

For a non logged in user we do not collect any personally identifiable information. We do collect some general details that we use for tracking purposes. For example we record you IP address, pages visited searches carried out and duration of time spent on the site. We use this information to improve our services

Logged in

For logged in users we may have more information. During the sign up process you are asked for personal information that we store on our server. We may know the following details...

We take all reasonable steps to ensure this information is kept private. We do not and will not sell your details or make them available to any other party unless required to do so by law.

Our system has been designed to be secure. Even we do not have access to your password. Passwords are stored in an encrypted form.

Business owners

We store business details and make them available to all users of our service. We do not make email addresses visible or available to any users. Business email addresses are only required so we may contact you.

Cookie statement

We use cookies on our site to enhance the user experience. Cookies are small text files that we place on your computer to allow us to better serve you. Cookies contain small amounts of data that can be written and read by our website

For example when you login to our website we will place a cookie containing your logged in status and your user name. When our website reads this cookie data it will know your user name and if you are logged in or not.

If you have any further questions about privacy please feel free to contact us.